Backpacking Mexico on a Budget

Forget about the false alarms of insecurity and drug trafficking, Mexico is a lovely and safe country to visit. It’s a beautiful nation filled with friendly citizens, a long and amazing history, delicious food, vibrant energy that makes visitors have a unique zest for life, and stunning architecture. You’ll be stunned at how delicious Mexican cuisines are. From the bustling nightclubs of Cancun, the Mayan ruins and jungles full of parrots, to the seediness of Tijuana. I mean, Mexico has so much to offer its visitors. Step out, see Mexico and fall in love!

Language and Culture

Having some knowledge of Spanish will be a huge boost when you travel to Mexico although it’s not a must. Attend some Spanish classes if you’re planning to visit Mexico to make your communication with the locals easier and enjoyable. If you don’t have time to learn Spanish, consider carrying at least a small Spanish phrasebook that covers the basics, and it will just work fine for you. The Mexicans are incredibly friendly, patient, hardworking, and most important generous. The locals are always willing to help travellers with directions and even interpret bus announcements for free.

Visa Requirements When Traveling to Mexico

United States citizens and most of the European Union member states passport holders can pick a tourist visa on arrival which permits you to reside in Mexico for up to 180 days. You will only be required to fill out the tourist card which is usually given to you on your flight and hand it to the immigration offices at the border. However, remember to save the 2nd half of the card to your passport since you’ll need when leaving the country. Other nationals will be required to present their visas upon arrival to be allowed into the country.

Traveling on a Budget in Mexico

Mexico isn’t one of those expensive destinations. Traveling in Mexico is affordable, and you won’t break the bank even when you overstay. Typically, solo travellers can survive on approximately $40 per day. The country’s official currency is the Mexican Peso, and it translates to roughly 17-18 Mexican Pesa for $1.Although the American dollar is widely accepted in Mexico, it’s recommended that you convert your money to Pesos since the conversion rate is lower.

You can save a lot of money by staying in hostels, using public transportation to your various destinations, camping, and eat cheaply at the numerous taco stands instead of dining at city restaurants.