Traveling Solo as a Woman

Are you travelling around the globe as a solo woman? Are you worried that something nasty might happen? Are you somehow nervous and uncomfortable and you think your family and friends might have been right when they described the world to you as a “dangerous place?” Fear not since you aren’t alone. Every year, thousands of females both young and old travel around the world on their own. If you’re still figuring out how you will leave your home alone and survive out there, gain courage and start with caution as you figure out what is right for you with time.

The two biggest concerns for women solo travellers are theft and harassment, but if you have travelled alone in the United States, then you’re more than prepared to travel to Europe and other parts of the world. Theft and harassment are especially scary in some states in the United States due to their connection with assaults, but you’ll rarely hear about violence in some European cities. Below are some tips and advice for women solo travelers.

Carry What You Only Need 

There is no need to carry a lot of stuff that you won’t be using while away. The same thing also applies to the amount of money that you should have. Why carry $500 in cash and still bring your credit cards with you if you’re going for a short trip? Estimate your budget and just take what is enough for you. If you were on a long trip, then lock up the rest of your valuables in your hotel room. Keep in mind that most criminals are opportunistic and being less attractive to them lowers the risk of being mugged.

Get Travel Insurance

You absolutely need travel insurance since it saves your life at the hour of need. Whether you end up in a natural disaster or your luggage is lost, travel insurance will reimburse the expenses. In case you’re robbed, then the insurance agency will provide you with the security you need. Even when the worst happens and you, unfortunately, lose your life, a good travel insurance agency will ensure that your family brings your body home without incurring the substantial expenses.

Be Proactive About Public Transport

Always remember that the public city transportation anywhere in the world is usually ripe for pickpockets. To stay safe, avoid carrying anything valuable in your back pocket, and you should always be wary of your surroundings. Find out how much a cab will cost from the nearest bus station to your hotel or hostel to avoid being conned.