My First Blog Post!

The Dutch people have an ancient proverb which says that he who is outside his house door has the hardest part of his journey left behind him. I have come to believe that this saying is true over the many years I have spent on the road as a solo woman traveller. Life on the road is basically a lot easier than most people think.

The most challenging part is to decide to step outside the door and b open to embrace a significant change in your lifestyle. When you decide to become a solo traveller, it means that you’re leaving your old life for a new one and this may not be an easy step to take. I know how this feels since I have been there before but travel is a very rewarding experience that you shouldn’t allow fear to hold you back.

Knowing Where to Start Is Critical

It’s always hard to know where to start when planning to become a traveller. What is the first step that you’re supposed to take? What’s the second? Third? Most women view travelling as a daunting task with so much information available on the subject such that it becomes more confusing other than being helpful. The more you read about the topic, the more things become unclear to you. However, I am here to help you and making your planning a lot easier and straightforward.

With over 500 articles on my travel blog, finding the right information to guide you shouldn’t be a difficult task. This blog also features a curated list of some of the best articles regarding planning for a trip and everything you need to know about solo travelling. The information contained in these articles is based on past experiences so you can be sure that you’re reading practical tips that can help you a great deal. I have broken down the tips into categories so that you can easily find the information that you’re looking for fast and effectively.

What Makes Solo Traveling Awesome?

A lot of people always want to know how travelling has changed me over time. I can say that travelling has had a significant impact on my life both socially and economically. It has made me a well-rounded being, and I can comfortably say am a different person compared to who I was before I started travelling. Simply put, I feel like being more awesome today than I was before I started exploring the world.

In fact, I can confidently state that travel makes everybody a more awesome individual. Every traveller always struggles to ensure that she ends her travels way better off than when she started. Traveling is something that makes you not only a better person in life but a cooler one too. It transforms you into the kind of a person that everyone wants to be associated with and be around you. It makes you more adaptable since you have dealt with wrong turns, missed flights, bad street food, delays, and much more in your travel endeavors. It also makes you more confident, smart, and a happy person.